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In-person classes are offered on Wednesday and Friday. The Wednesday Class is a teaching class that includes steps and formations for all levels of experience, while the Friday Social Class is faster-paced with new and familiar dances. Note that we are not able to acommodate brand-new dancers as members until September 2022.

If at any time we feel it necessary to stop in-person dancing due to COVID we will return to Zoom classes.

Wednesday classes take place every week from 7:00-9:00. Beginning March 2nd in-person classes will resume at Colborne Street United Church. The church is centrally located with parking and ample space to dance. After not dancing for almost two years, in-person classes will be structured for a gradual return as follows. The class will focus on a refresh of basic steps and formations, and doing simple dances. This will help get our muscles and our minds back in shape. Frequent breaks will be taken throughout the night. Dancers of all levels of experience will dance together in one combined class.

The Friday Social Class in-person classes will begin on March 4th and continue in its current format from 7:30-9:30 at Elmwood Avenue Presbyterian Church. This is a fast-paced class of social dancing that requires the ability to easily perform the basic steps and formations without prompting or walking through them. As with movement between classes previously, the Basic Class teachers will tell you if you are ready for this class. Less experienced dancers should understand that not all dances in this class will be suitable for their skill level.

Additional Class Information

COVID protocols? Current protocols do not require COVID screening or proof of vaccination. Masks are optional while dancing. Masks and social distancing are not required, however are recommended when not dancing due to ongoing COVID in the community.

What to wear? Scottish Country Dancing can be energetic although you can put in as much or as little as you like. We recommend that you wear layers of clothes - possibly light trousers or a full skirt, a T shirt and something on top for warming up or the slower dances.

What shoes do I wear? Scottish Country Dancing shoes come in many guises from ballet type shoes (with a full width sole unlike proper ballet shoes) to laced soft shoes and to those with a T bar. All proper Scottish Country Dancing shoes are very soft and comfortable, and can be bought from most dancing outlets and shops like McCulloch’s on Dundas Street. Before you buy shoes, you might prefer to come along to the class in soft soled flat shoes (trainers are ideal) and see what your teacher suggests or what others are wearing.

Is there live music? Christmas and Year End Ball - Yes. Classes and all other events - No, we use digital music.