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Virtual Zoom classes are offered each week during the pandemic on Wednesday and Friday. The Wednesday class includes basic and intermediate steps and formations, while the Friday Social Class is a faster-paced hour of new and familiar dances. The links for each class have been provided to members. Others who wish to participate should contact Helen Bell ( for the links.

We're pleased to announce a new class structure will be in place when we resume in-person classes, if our active membership numbers remain at our current level.

There will be 2 hours of dancing each Wednesday night, providing more time for learning steps, formations and dances. This is how it will work:

There will be two classes:

1. Basic Class – this is for beginners who are brand-new to Scottish Country Dancing and those who have been learning for a longer period of time but are not yet ready to participate in a class with more experienced dancers. This class will focus on basic steps and formations, etiquette and learning dances for upcoming social events. With the extended class time, basic dancers will learn more and gain more confidence in their skills.

2. Continuing Class – this is for more experienced dancers who are at an intermediate or advanced level. More complicated formations, phrasing and technique will be covered in this class and there will be more time to learn dances that contain the formations. While many of the formations will be new for intermediate dancers, it will be a good refresher for advanced dancers. Dances for upcoming social events will also be taught.

Classes will run from 7:30-9:30 p.m. on Wednesdays at Carling Heights as follows:
7:30-8:00 Everyone gathers in the Aerobics Room for announcements and a warm-up, which may include stretching, practice of a step or formation and an easy dance
8:00-9:30 Break out into separate classes –The Continuing Class stays in the Aerobics Room and the Basic Class moves to a separate room.

Movement of dancers from the Basic Class to the Continuing Class will take place only with the approval of the primary Basic Class teacher ( currently Catherine Shaw) after a discussion and assessment of your dancing skills and knowledge. This has always been our practice.

The Friday night Social Class will continue in its current format from 7:30-9:30 at Elmwood Avenue Presbyterian Church. This is a fast-paced class of social dancing that requires the ability to easily perform the basic steps and formations without prompting or walking through them. As with movement between classes above, the primary Basic Class teacher (currently Catherine Shaw) will tell you if you are ready for this class. Less experienced dancers should understand that not all dances in this class will be suitable for their skill level.

We're monitoring the COVID-19 situation and planning for a return to dancing when it's safe to do so, guided as always by the advice of the experts.

Additional Class Information

What to wear? Scottish Country Dancing can be energetic although you can put in as much or as little as you like. We recommend that you wear layers of clothes - possibly light trousers or a full skirt, a T shirt and something on top for warming up or the slower dances.

What shoes do I wear? Scottish Country Dancing shoes come in many guises from ballet type shoes (with a full width sole unlike proper ballet shoes) to laced soft shoes and to those with a T bar. All proper Scottish Country Dancing shoes are very soft and comfortable, and can be bought from most dancing outlets and shops like McCullochs on Dundas Street. Before you buy shoes, you might prefer to come along to the class in soft soled flat shoes (trainers are ideal) and see what your teacher suggests or what others are wearing.

Is there live music? Christmas and Year End Ball-yes. Everything else No, we use digital music.