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Will you love Scottish Country Dancing as much as we do?

All our programs emphasize the joy of dance, and we strive to offer a positive experience for EVERY dancer! It is our goal to offer the highest caliber dance instruction in a friendly environment that will give you the best possible introduction and experience to the world of Scottish Country Dancing, with a focus on appropriate technical training. No matter what each dancer's individual age, skills, or goals are, we believe that the discipline, self-esteem and joy they experience with Scottish Country Dancing will add a positive and influential energy to their lives.

Anyone, of any age, can join, costs are minimal and clubs exist all over the world. Obviously you don’t have to have a drop of Scottish blood in you to participate in Scottish Country Dancing. And from the beginning it is a lot of fun.

Scottish Country Dance is a social form of dancing with roots going back centuries. Typically dancers are in a “set” of six or eight people, and you would dance with many different partners in the course of the evening. We dance lively reels and jigs and elegant strathspeys, to the music of mainly accordion and fiddle. The steps and formations are easy to learn (thanks to our talented teachers), and from your very first day you will be able to join in the dance. Before long you'll find yourself hooked on Scottish dancing like thousands of others all around the world. You will discover the benefits of physical fitness and a group of sociable friends. You can be of any age from nine to ninety, and you don't need to bring along a partner.

Scottish Country Dancing is certainly good for circulation and arthritis, beneficial for the brain and an opportunity to socialize with like-minded people. You may want to join a regular dance group and enjoy the benefits for yourself.

Watch a BBC video on "What are the orgins of Scottish Country Dancing". Enjoy!