Flash Mob, STV Appeal and Event Bookings!
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RSCDS Flash Mob
The RSCDS Flash Mob at Union Square Shopping Centre in Aberdeen!
(click on the picture above to see the video)
RSCDS Flash Mob Takes Aberdeen By Storm!
On Saturday September 5th over 50 Scottish Country Dancers took part in the very first RSCDS Flash Mob at Union Square Shopping Centre in Aberdeen, and it was an absolute hit! 

Through the bustling crowd came out eight dancers; then sixteen; and by the time it was over there were more than fifty dancers doing what they do best with excited and eager onlookers watching their every step; it was absolutely mesmerizing! 

This could not have gone as smooth as it did without the careful planning of Emma Allsop and the Youth Services Committee; it was a fantastic time and we would like to extend our gratitude for a job well done!

The RSCDS Aberdeen Branch was a large part of the successful event and we would also like to thank them for their help and participation. 

In addition, without music there can be no dance! Frank Thomson provided the excellent tunes and helped us create a scene in which dancers, and onlookers, will never forget.

Thank you so much to all those who helped in making this a fantastic day, and of course to all the dancers who participated; you were brilliant and we hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourselves.

If you have an idea for an event similar to this, please get in touch with Headquarters and we will be glad to help out in any way we can! In order to get Scottish Country Dancing to the masses we need fresh, innovative ideas like this; so please, if you think there is an opportunity at hand, get in touch!

And always, Keep Dancing!

The video of the Flash Mob is above, so please scroll up and click on the picture! Help us make this go viral by sharing it on Social Media and showing your family and friends!
Lorraine Kelly will Dance Scottish for 24 Hours!
The STV Children's Appeal is happening this weekend and we couldn't be more excited to see Lorraine Kelly Dance Scottish!

Beginning at Noon GMT today in Dundee and ending 24 hours later in Edinburgh, Lorraine Kelly will be Scottish Country Dancing across Scotland in support of children affected by poverty.

RSCDS Branches and Affiliated Groups across Scotland (as well a few international Branches) are joining in and doing their part to help raise money for children.

"Kelly's Kaper", the bespoke dance devised by John Wilkinson, will be the uniting factor amongst all the RSCDS Branches, Groups, local businesses and community groups when Lorraine makes her way across the country. She will be stopping in and visiting participating groups and dancing "Kelly's Kaper" with them, with footage to be aired in the second week of October as part of the STV Appeal Week.

RSCDS Branches and Groups can still get involved if they wish by organizing a dance in the next couple of weeks, or even just slotting in "Kelly's Kaper" to a dance programme. If you would like to participate, please dance "Kelly's Kaper", take footage/photos, and send them in to Headquarters. In addition, don't forget to download sponsor forms and help raise money for children affected by poverty!

For more information on the event and to download dance instructions and sponsor forms, please visit the RSCDS website.

The London Branch had their event on August 15th at Kensington Gardens and it was a great success! Looking good everyone; thanks to Elaine Davies for helping to organize the event and London Branch for participating! 

Will you take part?
Submissions for New Book
The RSCDS is inviting devisers to submit dances to be considered for a new Children's Book to be published in 2017!

It should be "Imaginative, Creative and Progressively Challenging".

We will accept submissions from Wednesday 30th September 2015 and the closing date is Friday 25th March 2016 via the website, which can be accessed by clicking here

For detailed instructions on how to submit, guidelines, and a complete overview of Book 51, please visit the RSCDS website.

If you would like to get in touch with us regarding Book 51, please email all inquiries to

This Book is aimed at Young Dancers, so be creative when devising your dance! It will be used for teaching purposes, children's festivals, and social programmes for less experienced dancers.

We are looking forward to your submissions!
Bookings for 2016 Events
Online booking for Winter School 2016 in Pitlochry and Spring Fling 2016 in Edinburgh are now open, so if you would like to reserve a spot, please do so now as spaces are filling up quick! 

The programmes for both events are being finalized and will be released shortly; but information on Winter School and Spring Fling can be found online by visiting the Events page on the RSCDS website.

Please note: Single Rooms for Winter School are not available as the demand has been overwhelming. Double Rooms and Twin Rooms are still available.

If you have ever been to Winter School or Spring Fling, you will know just how much fun it is and the great dancing that is displayed. 

For more information on both events please get in touch with our Events Manager Moira Thomson, by writing in to Headquarters or via email at:
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