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Dance Figures

A useful set of instructional videos by the Lower Hutt SCD group,(New Zealand) demonstrating a large range of dance figures. The page is rather large, so it takes a moment to load. (be patient)

Teaching Video Collection 1 Teaching Video Collection 2

RSCDS Flash Mob

Taking place on Saturday September 5th at Union Square Shopping Centre in Aberdeen, over 50 dancers turned up to Dance Scottish amongst the busy crowd!

RSCDS Flash Mob

The Inter-city Scot

If you are looking for information about Scottish Country Dance(SCD) in Canada and the United States of America (USA), you can click to find out more information.

The Inter-city Scot publishes information about events, classes, organizations, and websites as it becomes available. There is no limit as to how far in advance one chooses to announce an event.

Their goal is to provide a list of every SCD event, class, and website oriented toward those residing in or traveling to Canada and the United States. They want to list the events, classes, and website associated with your SCD organization. Check The Inter-city Scot to see if the information about your organization is accurately reflected there. Information (new or updates) can be submitted via forms on the The Inter-city Scot website.

The Inter-city Scot

Campbell's Lists

These lists have been compiled from a database of dance programmes that are submitted to "Campbell's Lists" by contributors from all over the world. Mr. Campbell has been recording programmes from events held since 1 January 2008 and there are now 1500 programmes on the database. There are 313 from Scotland itself, 429 from the rest of the UK, 221 from the USA, 146 from Australia, 152 from Europe, 83 from New Zealand, 91 from Canada, 15 from Japan, and 50 from South Africa.

Interesting dance stats!

Campbell's Lists

5210 Dances

Have you been asked to choose a dance for a class, event, or programme? Not sure which dance to choose?

The file attached is sure to help. All dances in alphabetical order! Great way to find the dance you are looking for. Hint: Press ctrl+f to enable the search function once inside your .pdf reader.

All MiniCrib Dance Briefs