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Will you love Scottish Country Dancing as much as we do?

Welcome to the London Canada Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society.

Studies show that people are healthier and happier when they join like-minded others in hobbies, activities and clubs. Scottish Country dancing is one such activity.

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Life Is Simple!

Life Is Simple

dancing makes you smarter... here's some proof.

There was one important exception: the only physical activity to offer protection against dementia was frequent dancing.

Reading - 35% reduced risk of dementia
Bicycling and swimming - 0%
Doing crossword puzzles at least four days a week - 47%
Playing golf - 0%
Dancing frequently - 76%.

That was the greatest risk reduction of any activity studied, cognitive or physical.

New York Times article
dancing makes you smarter

RSCDS London Top Ten+ Dances.

Here are the top 108 dances chosen by you.

Top Ten+ Dances
Burns' Night Burns' Night

Event - RSCDS London Canada Branch
"A Tribute to Robert Burns"

Janurary 24, 2020
Elmwood Avenue Presbyterian Church

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Dance Preview
The White Cockade* 8x32 R 5-11
The Dusty Miller* 8x32 J Border Book
She’s Ower Young To Marry Yet * 8x32 S 14-8
Rabbie’s Reel* 4x32 R 40-7
The Cutty Sark* 8x32 J 40-2
The Silver Tassie* 8x32 S Leaflet 1
Tam O’Shanter* 8x32 R Let’s All Dance Too
The Haymakers* 4x48 J 2-11
Highland Mary* 8x32 S Let’s All Dance Too
The Lad O’ Kyle 4x32 R Cosh
The Deuks Dang O’er My Daddie 8x40 J 19-3
Ayrshire Lassies 5x32 S Carnforth 4
Jessie’s Hornpipe* 8x32 R 8-9
Maxwell’s Rant 8x32 R 18-10
* suitable for less experienced dancers

Dance Briefs Flyer

Event - RSCDS London Canada Branch
London Workshop and Tea Dance

Workshop - Saturday, Feb. 22, 2020
Polish Combatant's Hall
9:00am Registration
Tea Dance to follow

Cost (New Lower Price)
$45.00 Dancers, $35 Early Bird (by Jan. 29)
$40.00 Workshop/Lunch
$15.00 Tea Dance


Moira Korus, Toronto
Isobel Hunter, Windsor

Tea Dance Preview
1. It’s All Right* 8x32 J 2nd Graded Book
2. Catch the Wind* 8x32 R 45-5
3. Inverary* 8x32 S MMM1
4. Postie’s Jig 4x32 J Ormkirk 5
5. Flowers of Edinburgh* 8x32 R 1-6
6. Teacher’s Choice * ....... S
7. Pelorus Jack 8x32 J 41-1
8. Teacher’s Choice * ........ R
9. Bridge of Nairn 8x32 S 13-11
10. Mairi’s Wedding 8x40 R Cosh
* ........ The Teacher's Choice dances will be chosen at a later date by the teacher(s) of the workshop. These will be dances taught at the workshop.
* suitable for less experienced dancers

Dance Briefs Flyer Moira Korus & Isobel Hunter Bios